User experience first.

In a world where development is complicated, it's often easy to forget what the end user really wants.

I develop what users always wanted but never had.

Included in all of my services

No matter what service you request, I'll make sure my quality work the following standards:

Straightforward and accessible interfaces
Easy deployment and scalability
Coherent colors, fonts and formatting
Wide range of supported backends
Excellent error handling / messages
Legacy compatibility

Specialty services

Regardless as to if you are starting a new adventure, upgrading a current project, or just looking around, these quality services are available at low-cost to you.


I will make a website from your sketch/drawing

I will make a custom and responsive website from a sketch drawing. Sketching the website on a piece of paper is always the first step to create something brilliant. I will handle all the technical details and optionally set up hosting ...

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I will optimize your existing website

Struggling with your lighthouse score, SEO, or user experience? I will improve your website's performance by optimizing images, database queries, FCP, CLS, and more!

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I will deploy a docker app for you

I will deploy an application such as Nextcloud, Nginx, or Wordpress in a easily-understandable way. HTTPS, SSL, and documentation included. I will make the app portable ...

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Custom services

If the packages above don't suit your needs, no worries!
Just shoot me an email at s‌erv‌ices‌@si‌zov.io and we can have a chat to discuss your individual project needs.


About me

I'm Alex Sizov, a full stack developer and system administrator who has been in the technology industry for 8+ years. I've developed ...

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